Theme Of Prejudice In American History X

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Chan Ka Wai, Kathy
American History X assignment

1. During the film, identify at least three different types of prejudice and explain how these prejudices help to develop the two key characters throughout their journeys in the film.

In the film “American History X”, there are numerous prejudices to help to develop the two key characters throughout their journeys. First of all, racial prejudice is the most momentous one, which was also one of the main theme of the story. They two key characters, Derek and Danny, both had racial discrimination. Danny, the younger brother, was influenced by the thoughts of neo-Nazi by his Dad and brother. When Derek was young, he was taught about the black literature by the black teacher Dr. Sweeny, and he didn’t have any racial discrimination at that time. However, his father was used to talk about the black communication. This made his mind to have a bad image about the colored people in America. His father planned seeds of racism in both Derek’s and Danny’s minds and they grew rapidly after the death of his dad as the death was caused by the two black drug dealers. In addition, one of the reasons that dad hated blacks is he thought the blacks took all the jobs should have belonged to whites and they deprived all authorities of whites. For Derek, there are many significant evidences in the movie to prove he had a racial discrimination. For instance, Derek led the group of Neo-Nazi to ruin

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