Theme Of Prejudice In The Great Gatsby

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Preconception Prejudice has existed for thousands of years in all the places around the world and will be around for a long time, almost forever. At a young age, children see how the world works and learn from what they watch by many means, from watching the television (media content about a specific group) to learning how to count and to speak. One common means children learn from is at home, how their guardians or older siblings treat each other or follow their footsteps into adulthood. It technically means family and friends who take part in a child’s lives, but also his or her peers who surround the child and teachers who teach mutual respect for each other even though each student is unique. As the saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald is represented on how the wealthy not only looked down upon people of little wealth, but also those from all kinds of lifestyles who just did not seem to fit in their prime and extravagant lifestyle. The true meaning behind the disguise is that no matter what, the feeling of wanting more and more wealth will always cause the wealthy to feel as if they are superior than all those who aren’t. Wealth can rot a person from the inside and their lifestyle as a whole also created a feeling of hatred and resentment towards those who are snobbish and blasphemous due to their social class. This relates to the mid-1920s because it shows how ignorant and degrading people were. In society at the time, this book was written, during around the time where racism was common. This impacts the main characters in a course that makes them react to situations in unexpected ways. Characters are having to deal with petty dissimilarity among themselves. Prejudice classified categorization of wealthy and poor like in The Great Gatsby. Tom talks about a book that clarifies "The Rise of the Coloured Empire," which is about how other empires will rise and dominate the white race. Tom and Daisy get defensive on the matter. Tom Buchanan, the so-called husband of Daisy, a wealthy man and a friend/relative of Nick by marriage, is a very arrogant man with few moral values, a devotee of white superiority, with a personality who looks down on people of lesser superiority to him in the terms against of different races. An abusive dominant partner to Daisy, he mistreats her by breaking her nose. Today, racism is still a major issue that occurs throughout the remote corners of the world. Racism is often still encouraged. Even though people are looked down at of being lesser than a human being, many people continue to act racist intentionally and unintentionally. In The Great Gatsby Tom Buchanan say: "It is up to us,
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