Theme Of Prejudice In The Outsiders

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Were you ever panicked at the thought of poking your nose outside your home? Have you ever dwelled in a city in which you must live every second of your life amalgamated with a gang to survive, linked, to stroll the streets with no hint of unease? Strangers and passersbys walk past you, they know nothing of your numerous struggles, the hardships you’ve faced, your endeavor to survive everyday, but their decision is already made. They have made their harsh judgment concerning you, although, they hardly know who you really are beyond your appearance and your surface. In the novel: The Outsiders, written by the deft and skillful S.E Hinton, we are given an insight on life as an outsider through realistic and symbolic characters. Many poignant themes are highlighted throughout the composition, however, prejudice and generalization in society, the importance of brotherhood, and the priority of being street smart, are the most prominent themes, they piece the story together, portraying and describing the daily struggles of an outsider. Prejudice and generalization in society is one of the many preeminent themes displayed in The Outsiders, owing to the fact that it features all along in the novel through a prolific number of the character’s words and actions. The novel is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in which constant warfare between two gangs monopolize, afflict, and oppress the district. On one specific side (east) are the Greasers, specifically distinguished by the abundant grease

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