Theme Of Pride In Antigone

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Oftentimes, worthless pride gets the best of people, and they are faced with conflicts far bigger than their inflated hubris. A wise man Teiresias, from Sophocles’ play “Antigone” stated that, “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil: The only crime is pride.” this quote represents the fact that despite having a lot of confidence, too much confidence will undeniably lead to insecurity. In the play, “Antigone” there are several characters who let pride overtake them, and tragically, that pride ends up leading to their downfall.

Out of the many prideful characters in “Antigone”, King Creon inevitably had the worst fate when it came to his prideful demeanor. He was a narcissistic king, and because he was, he eventually lost everything he once had. One thing is the respect of his family. When his son, Haemon, attempts to stand up for his bride to be, Antigone, Creon lashes out at him. He says, “Wrong? To respect my own authority?” This shows that Creon believes that his thoughts and morals are far more
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From the beginning she was obstinate, and was prepared to die. Unlike Creon, Antigone was a little more open minded to her prideful actions and knew that they would lead to her utter deterioration. She said, “Go your own way; I will bury my brother; And if I die for it, what happiness!” This proves that Antigone knew the inevitability of her own death, but she was prideful to the point of being stubborn. Likewise, pride was Antigone's downfall when she ended up killing herself. She did this because she had too much pride to have her life taken away by another, so she took it from herself. The messenger describes the encounter, saying, “We saw her hanging by the neck, The rope was of the woven linen of her dress…” This described how Antigone stole her own life from herself, so King Creon couldn’t steal her
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