Theme Of Pride In Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar is a play full of pride, yes or no? I would think yes, so much that it can be a theme of the book. A theme that is still one today. Literary devices used by Shakespeare help show the pride of the characters in Julius Caesar. Some elements of fiction even show the theme of pride in this play.
Monologues in the play show a lot about the pride of the characters. In two monologues when Brutus and Antony give their speeches is a good example of pride. In Brutus monologue on page 129 he begins to tell why he had killed caesar in front of the roman people. It takes a lot of pride and courage to get in front of people that loved Caesar. It is also brave and show pride when he says why he killed him “ Not that I loved Caesar less, butt simply that I loved Rome more. He is showing his pride and love for Rome. Also showing is love and pride for the citizens of Rome. Brutus had so much pride for himself and Rome that he would kill his own friend because he
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Like when you take pride in something you are really going to care about it and do what is right. Say you have a business, you are going to do what is best for your business. That is the same thing as Brutus in his monologue saying he did it for Rome. He took great pride in Rome and the people, so he did what had to be done in his eyes. That is how pride today is used and in Julius Caesar. Pride is what makes people who they are. People with great pride will be leaders such as Brutus, or someone who will lead a company.
Do you think that pride is a major key theme of Julius Caesar know. I hope so because stage directions, direct characterization, and monologous all show how pride is a theme. In real life we do not have those things, but pride is still a big thing in people's lives and maybe Shakespeare is the cause of that. Their are plenty of other literary devices and elements of fiction that help show the theme. Julius Caesar is full of
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