Theme Of Propaganda In Animal Farm

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Propaganda is the definition of information that has a misleading nature, and is used by people to promote a specific point of view. Throughout the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, there are multiple examples of the animals using propaganda to influence one another. Those who have used propaganda here have used it as a source in order achieve power, not only for themselves, but for the upper class as well. The pigs are at the center of this. They manipulate the animals that all they do is for the good of the farm, when in reality, it is only for the good of themselves. In this novel, propaganda is presented through the character Squealer, who is Napoleon’s trusty companion. Squealer is the designated speaker for Napoleon, and he is easily able to persuade the other animals that Napoleon, along with the other pigs, are working for the good of everyone else. He mainly uses the method of “plain folks” in order to convince the other animals that the pigs are working just as hard as they are. The truth is, while Squealer is convincing everyone of Napoleon’s greatness and how great of a leader he is,…show more content…
Jones had poor guidance when it came to running Manor Farm, in addition to his drunken state. He never understood that there might be a need for change. Napoleon understood that Jones’s blindness to revolution led to a rebellion, so he ensures that this will not happen again. He gets rid of anyone and anything that even had the possibility of sparking the idea of revolution. Napoleon bands the song Beasts of England, he drives Snowball out of the farm, and opposes Boxer by sending him to a glue factory. Napoleon is extremely aware of his position as a leader, and he is not willing to surrender it. Though Napoleon and Jones have differences as their viewing of leadership, they are similar tyrants when it comes to how they treat the residents of the farm. Both leaders overworked the animals, rarely fed them, and never rewarded them with the fruit of their
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