Theme Of Race In Othello

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In general, there are seven dominating topics in the play.

Race is an extremely important theme because it leads to Othello 's insecurity, which enables Iago to manipulate him. Regardless of his status and military dexterity, Othello never feels at ease in Venice because of his dissimilitude. As a Moor, he is continually stereotyped in an insulting way (“the thick lips”, “stranger” (Shakespeare, 2016, p.124, l.65), even though he speaks in an eloquent fashion and displays better manners than all those judging him, mainly Roderigo, Iago, and Brabantio. Othello 's race differentiates him from all other characters and makes him very self-conscious. It makes him work harder for his reputation, so he has the possibility to be regarded as equal to the white people that dominate Venice. Perhaps this is the reason for his success, but the prejudice that is being projected onto him, especially considering his marriage to Desdemona leads to a tragic outcome.

Another topic that is being repeated through the play is magic.
Othello is accused of using magic to woo his future wife, merely because of his racial disparity, and therefore is called a “pagan” (Shakespeare, 2016, Act 1 Scene 1). The only thing Othello possesses, which comes anywhere near magic, is his talent for story-telling, which earns him Desdemona´s love. Magic also reappears as a topic when Desdemona 's handkerchief is nowhere to be found; Othello puts his trust and belief in the symbolism and magic of the
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