Theme Of Racism In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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In the story Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor The setting in the timeline are very important in the plot of the story. In the story takes place in the early 1900s or segregation and racism are still a problem. Cassie is the main character along with her three siblings, her mother, her father, and her grandmother. Cassie is a honest little girl that is trying to find her way in life but segregation and racism make it hard for Cassie to deal with everyday things. In the beginning of the story Cassie didn 't understand how racism and segregation worked and thought it was unusual but in that time it wasn 't unusual. Throughout the story Cassie learned how to deal with racism and segregation and learns how to tackle it head on and is a great example of a person who never gives up. Segregation and racism are hard for anyone to deal with but in the story Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Cassie has a…show more content…
One way Cassie is affected by segregation and racism is on the walks to school. First of all the kids and the rest of the blacks are mistreated because they do have to walk to school, unlike the white kids. The white kids take a bus to school and on the way to school Cassie and her brothers get dirt or mud from the bus. For example, on page 43 it states “ We also had to worry about the Jefferson Davis school bus zooming from behind and splashing us with the murky waters of the road.” This shows that the kids are obviously upset and that they are affected by the bus because they already know that it will happen again, the kids already have to worry about getting to school on time but, now they have to worry about getting to school clean. Another example in the text is also on page 43 and it says “ We consequently found ourselves comical objects to cruel eyes that gave no thought to our misery.” This shows that the kids are affected by the bus and are embarrassed because of it, the white kids stare and laugh at there misery of getting there nice cloths
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