Theme Of Racism In The Merchant Of Venice

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Deja Ware
Dr. Ankumah
English 304
May 1, 2017 Within each Shakespeare play, there are lots of common themes. Hate is one of the most common themes I 've seen in majority of Shakespeare 's plays. There is almost nothing about the human race that Shakespeare didn’t write about. After the Shakespearean time, the world has gone through huge changes; in a lifetime, one will begin to see lots of change such as the agricultural age of Shakespeare 's time, and the later new technology of today 's time. Even though times have changed from the Shakespearean time, human race and human nature has not changed a bit. The world today has only adapted to the social and technology changes we endure today. No matter which part of the world we live in or the time frame in which we 've lived, the human race repeatedly do what 's always been done; one of which happens to be "hate". In the play The Merchant of Venice, we should be able to recognize the same kind of anti-Semitism that we see in our lives today. The people of London, England were not familiar with Jews and only knew what their forefathers had taught them about Jews during that time. Even today we place false judgment or undeservable judgment on those that aren 't like us per say; this form of action is not only considered judgmental, but also closely linked with hatred. Even back during Shakespeare 's time, not many people grasped the concept that you can 't hate what you do not know. The difference between now and

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