Theme Of Racism In The Movie Crash

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Crash focused on race and the effects it had on the lives of people living in the Los Angeles area. The movie showed how everyone was effected by race weather they there racist themselves or a victim of racism; many times they were linked. Despite what many people thing, or would like to believe, the world has not changed as much as we would like to think. Marilyn Fryes essay Oppression said that “The experiences of oppressed people are that the living of ones life is confined and shaped by forces and barriers which are not accidental or occasional and hence avoidable.” (Rohenberg CITE) Throughout Crash you see examples of this over and over again. Racism and oppression are still a major issue in the world and unfortunately a lot of the time people stay in the the world they are born into.…show more content…
In one way or another each of the character’s lives intertwine. The first scene of the movie we see a Muslim man and his daughter attempting to buy a gun. The owner of the store was a white male and showed a negative attitude towards Farhad because of his background. This was just one of the many racist scenes that were to come throughout the movie. William Grimes from the New York said that he didn’t believe that racism had disappeared, but the civil rights movement has made it contemptible in the eyes of most Americans. (GRIMES CITE) Racism hasn’t gone nor in my opinion gotten much better. People just don’t openly talk about it as much as they did prior to the civil rights movement as it became socially
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