Theme Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird And Jim Crow Policing

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Racism Come to humans naturally we all judge our surroundings and the people living in it which means our opinions are based our views and values. The values gradually leads us to be biased towards some people. The novel To Kill Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the article “Jim Crow Policing” by Bob Herbert both inform readers about the life of colored folks now and during the great depression. They also both inform the readers how no one cared about the way they treated colored people or if they were hurting their feelings. Racism can either be embedded in a man’s heart or can be enforced by law. Racism can be rooted in a man’s heart. According to your surroundings, including their values and peers. A man’s heart will start to adapt and stereotype against others. An example of this is in To Kill a Mockingbird, the quote states “Lula stopped, But she said ‘you ain’t got no business bringing white chilling here they got their church, we got ours. It is our church ain’t it, miss Cal?” (Lee 120). This shows that Lula being black women. Stereotypes against white people because that is wat she has been taught by the media and her parents. Also she is expressing the emotions she has built up in her heart from all the discrimination she has faced. Another quote from To…show more content…
In the article, Jim Crow Policing, the quote states, “An overwhelming 84 percent of the stops in the first three- quarters of 2009 were of blacks or Hispanic New Yorkers.” (Herbert) conveys that the law constantly judges some people by the color if their skin instead of their actions which causes racial discrimination In addition, another example states. “Often the cops will stop, frisk and sometimes taunt people who are at their mercy, and then move on—without finding anything, making an arrest, or recording the encounter as they’re supposed to.” (Crow). This quote states that the law will constantly keep discriminating the colored individuals regardless of
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