Theme Of Reason And Emotion In Man On Wire

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Reason and emotion have always played a significant role in humankind’s decision-making. Both of them, however, play different roles in one’s attempt to make a decision. Emotion may be described as subjective, conscious experiences caused primarily by psychophysiological expressions, as defined by New Oxford American Dictionary. This way of knowing might affect human behavior, but, at the same time, may preserve our physical body. As an example, when in danger, our instinct is to escape in order to save our own physique. Reason, on the other hand, may be described as a premise assessed according to strict principles of validity, according to New Oxford’s American Dictionary. This has a lot to do with logic, as it is a rational way of thinking. Through our reason, we are able to come up with rational ideas to achieve our main goals. To reach this certain goal and make it feasible, we need to plan out different steps. In the documentary “Man on Wire,” reason and emotion are demonstrated explicitly, although differently, through people’s expressions, being it verbally or physically. So, with all this in mind, what roles do reason and emotion play in decision-making? In “Man on Wire”, there are various moments when Philippe, the main character of the documentary, as well as other characters, use reason to make important and critical decisions in order to succeed. In the beginning, when Philippe had to analyze the Twin Towers, he put many pens in his pocket because he thought it
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