Theme Of Religion In Life Of Pi

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In the movie Life of PI, which was directed by Ang Lee, it shows that there is a close link between storytelling and religion when Adriubasamy says "I have a story that will make you believe in God."
Myths and symbolism of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam are projected throughout the movie, and religion is what ends up saving Pi. By tying in storytelling and religion, Lee has created a movie that is hard to believe and realistic at the same time which can be linked with realistic concepts to theists and hard to believe concepts to atheists. In the story Life of Pi, Pi Patel personally experiences different aspects of four religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and parts of Buddhism.
Religion with its many orders and dogmas may also be seen as invasions on personal freedom. But Pi defends religion the same way he defends zoos. In his point of view, the cages and restrictions of religion provide a cozy and comfortable life and people prefer not to leave because life outside is miserable by comparison. Religion is a method humans have developed of making their lives more pleasurable, more meaningful, and more understandable.
In the movie the priest, pundit and imam are referred to as the “three wise men” many times. “We were to meet not just one wise man but all three, not one after another but at the same time.” this quote refers to a story of the Bible in the Gospel of Matthew. Three Wise Men or Kings from the East are said to have visited Jesus after his birth
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