Theme Of Repetition In Catch 22

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Introduction: Repetition is a common rhetorical phenomenon in the ancient and modern literary works, and is also one of the key words in current literary theory and literary criticism. Combining with the related theories of functional linguistics, narratology and stylistics, this paper classifies the repetition of Catch 22 in order to reveal its important role in explaining the theme, enhancing the aesthetic effect and revealing the stylistic meaning. It is the author who creatively uses various repetitive techniques to make the novel plot consistent, prominent in character and profound in theme, thus laying the immortal position of the novel in American literature.
1. Dominant Repetition
Dominant repetition basically includes lexical repetition and structural repetition, as Halliday said.
Repetition artistic techniques are mainly used to highlight the feelings of a certain, deepen people 's impressions, and ultimately achieve the sublimation theme, trigger the role of emotional resonance. Dominant repetition art include three forms: the first, the words repetition; the second, the sentence repetition; the third, the paragraph repetition. The use of repetition artistic techniques can improve the structure and framework of the novel, deepen the theme of the novel, and can lead readers to comprehend the author 's thoughts and resonate with them.

1.1 word / sentence repetition
Vocabulary repetition mainly means that the same word or phrase appears two or more times in the same
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