Theme Of Respect In The Odyssey

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The Devine Odyssey Respect is one of the utmost qualities to ever learn in life. Many stories have been created to teach this and other qualities to its reader, but in a variety of ways. Mythological books and poems have gods that demand respect and if it is not given then it can result in death or endless torture. One book that portrays this struggle between the gods and mortals is Homer’s The Odyssey. In The Odyssey, mortals tend to rely on the gods and goddesses to protect them and provide the materials that they need to survive. Respect is how the mortals pay back the gods through sacrifice. Phaeacia is one of the most ideal of places for respect and love for the gods. The king and queen of Phaeacia follow xenia, hospitality and all of the respectful customs to new guests, and they always sacrifice to Poseidon the best of their flock. Phaeacians have not had any real problems with their kingdom because they always did the right things. This alone could explain why respecting your land and those around you can be so crucial to life.…show more content…
Polyphemus began to eat Odysseus’ men and they were trying to escape and so they stabbed the cyclops in his eye and got away. As they were sailing away the cyclops was throwing boulders at their ship but could not aim because of his eye. Odysseus thinks he is a badass and calls out to the cyclops telling him his name and this is where his mistake was made. Boasting is typically seen as disrespectful to a lot of people, and in return Poseidon, god of the sea, seeks vengeance for is son by setting Odysseus and his men further off course from home. If Odysseus decided to not boast and just get away, then he would have probably been home eight years

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