Theme Of Revenge In Great Expectations

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At the end of the book, readers could learn that pride and revenge will bring a person nothing but trouble. In the beginning, Miss Havisham had a consuming desire to avenge her broken heart by breaking every male’s heart through her beautiful adopted daughter, Estella. However, her idea of revenge did not only affect the male sex she loathed, but her Estella as well. Although her intent for Estella was to save her from a misery like her own, Miss Havisham admits in chapter forty-nine that she “stole her heart away and put ice in its place.” Also, Miss Havisham regrets her actions even more when she realizes that she had hurt Pip the way Compeyson had hurt her, making her gain nothing but a heavy heart and shame. Nevertheless, Dickens also illustrates how pride could affect a person greatly through Pip. When Pip becomes a gentleman, he not only becomes embarrassed of Joe, but also refuses to visit his old home, where he grew up. However, in the end, when Pip has nothing but debts, Joe practically becomes his financial savior, and he goes back to where he came from. Such kind of moral lessons could readers derive from Great Expectations.

Dickens composes Great Expectations in such a way that people could sympathize with how the commoners like Pip and aristocrats like Miss Havisham feels. Pip’s family barely has anything, but at least some love existed in their home. Joe Gargery genuinely cared and loved Pip, and as did Biddy, but Pip wanted more. He wanted to rise in title

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