Theme Of Revenge In Medea

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MEDEA, Euripides In the ancient era was the theater plays and a very central part of the future society. Usually written the dramas and love stories. A classic piece of antiquity is Medea, written by Euripides. The play 's fable is that a woman who learns that her husband has been cheating on her. Her ultimate revenge is to kill their own children. The theme is revenge because the whole play is about how Medea 's anger leads to her murder their own children to avenge her husband. The play begins with the Amman have a conversation with yourself about how she wished that Medea had never moved to Corinth, that is where the play is played out. Amman is afraid of what Medea will do to itself but especially toward her children which she is unable to look at because they remind her of her husband, Jason, who has had an affair with the daughter of the Greek King. Medea, the protagonist, is a woman driven by extreme emotions and extreme behaviors. Because of the passionate love she had for Jason, she sacrificed everything .. However, now his betrayal of her transformed the beautiful loving passion to uncontrollable anger, hatred and a desperate desire for revenge. Her violent and temperamental heart, previously devoted to Jason, now moving towards its doom. Instead of her suffering would refine her, has now made her a monster. She is fiercely proud, cruel and cold, unwilling to let their enemies get any victory. Jason, on the other hand, describe as a condescending, opportunistic and
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