Theme Of Revenge In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Megan Liska Ms. Beza Lit and Comp III May 24, 2016 Revenge in Hamlet and One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Revenge is cruel. A self-fulfilling instrument we all use in life to avenge another in situations where we feel we've been hurt. Revenge is a feeling of power and authority. The title of the book Hamlet is named after the main character who lives in Denmark. Hamlet's father is killed by Hamlet's Uncle, King Claudius, who takes the royal spot of Hamlet's father. Later, Hamlet finds the ghost of his father which tell him to avenge King Claudius for killing him. William Shakespeare creates a customary revenge drama to reflect the soundness and logic behind revenge. Likewise, in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, the main character McMurphy…show more content…
Hamlet is distressed following the death of his father and the hurried marriage of his mother to Claudius who takes over the throne. The Uncle attempts to control Hamlet with care as he plans a scheme to stir up trouble. When Hamlet confirms his own fears, he meets the ghost of his father who urges Hamlet to avenge Claudius. The ghost says, "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder" (Shakespeare, I, V, 31). A strategy to ensure he is not suspected to his plan, Hamlet fakes loyalty and obedience to Claudius. Hamlet also makes sure that the guards, Marcellus and Horatio, see the ghost of his father as Hamlet shares with them his message. "It beckons you to go away with it, as if it some impartment did desire to you alone/Look, with what courteous action it waves you to a more removed ground; but do not go with it". (Shakespeare, I, IV, 63) Hamlet speaks with Ophelia and he tries to justify his crimes, "I am very proud, revengeful, ambitious, with more offences at my beck than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape or time to act them in." (Shakespeare, III, I,…show more content…
Hamlet died trying to restore sanity in corrupt Denmark while McMurphy dies while trying to fight for the dignity of mental health patient. He first made the people look at the way they were being treated in a different manner. The writers of the plays put the avengers as protagonists in their societies. However, he denies the perfect the traits of story idols because they die. There is vast resemblance between Hamlet and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with respect to revenge. In which the theme revenge shows how one avenges another for self-fulfillment. Both lead characters take action against authority. They both have similar approaches to reaction against authority by pretending everything is all right and are conformed to the desires of their
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