Hamlet Revenge Analysis

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In the play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, it is full of revenge. Many things happen through this play but there’s one person or thing that makes the bad things happen. King
Hamlet died and his brother took over and even married his wife, Gertrude. The Prince Hamlet does not approve of this relationship because it happened so quick. Hamlet grieves through this whole play because of the death of his father and starts to go crazy. There’s many questions, confusion, and heartbreak in this play. There is love, friendships, and memories as well.
However, the event that started Hamlet’s want for revenge was a ghost who visited the guards one night and spooked them into fear. This ghost identified to be King Hamlet, who enters in an
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They find Hamlet and start talking to him about his mother’s new wedding with Hamlet’s uncle. Prince Hamlet tells Horatio that he has been seeing his father in his head which reminds
Horatio to tell him he has been seeing his dad too but as a ghost. Hamlet asks questions after questions. Then he tells Horatio that he will be standing guard with him that night. That night the ghost appears again in front of Hamlet and motions him to come near him. Hamlet begins to
Lach 3 approach the ghost but his friends tell him that it’s not a good idea because it can make him do or go somewhere he wouldn’t wanna go. Hamlet refuses and walks towards the ghost king. Horatio and Marcellus still don’t think it is safe so they let Hamlet go ahead and follow the ghost but they decide it is best to follow the both of them too. The ghost finally takes Hamlet to a quiet place and tells him the truth. Everyone heard that the King was bit by a poisonous snake in his sleep. The truth was that during the afternoon the king’s brother, Claudius, snuck into his room as the king was sleeping and poured poison in his ear. This was a murder that no one knew about because they all thought he was just bit. This infuriates Hamlet and causes him to want
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Hamlet gets crazier and crazier as the play goes on because he wants to prove that Claudius did it. Hamlet puts on a play about his father’s murder but uses actors to act it. He puts on this play because he wants Claudius to react to seeing this because he will know that
Claudius realizes what is going on. Before the play beings he asks on he continues to watch king
Claudius’ face so when he gets the reaction that he is looking for. Without realizing it, he finds out Claudius has gotten up and walked out. Comes to find out he was very angry with Hamlet for making that play and hurting his mother. Hamlet begins to be very heartbreaking towards
Ophelia because he starts acting as if he doesn’t really care about her and starts joking with her
Lach 4 in a mean way. He starts telling you that her beauty has nothing He also starts questioning whether life is better or if death would be easier. The ghost telling Hamlet about his father being murdered changes the way he thinks about his own life. He says, “To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream…” Hamlet is meaning that being dead is just a big dream and anyone who is scared to end their life is a coward. Claudius thinks that Hamlet has gotten to out of control so
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