Theme Of Revenge In Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights is a brilliant novel in which revenge connects with the issues of class structure. Heathcliff has a weakness in which he doesn’t have a property, and Catherine sees this which is why she marries Edgar instead. The initial seed of vengeance is planted when Hindley sees Heathcliff in his house.
Controlled vengeance could be possible if Mr. Earnshaw didn’t do injustice. Mental disturbances were an all too much real thing for Hindley as accepting Heathcliff as his new brother was a big step which he wasn’t ready for – mainly due to the fact he was a 14-year-old who was habitual of living alone. I think that mothers have a dual responsibility, and in this moment neither of his parents were taking care of him. His mother had to look after her own family members but she has to attempt to balance care among her children. Emily’s novel Wuthering Heights clearly portrays the mother as absent, and the father’s whereabouts are suspicious.
In all of us there is a strong emotion, revenge. Sometimes this can be best to take out on emotionally tormented people due to the fact they are an easy target for vengeance. There are three of the characters with abnormal action; Catherine, Heathcliff and Hindley. Edgar on the other hand doesn’t seem to be suffering with any emotional torture. However, the one thing he has proven is that he has manners, is very rich and is a genuine person – moreover he is imagined as a true gentleman.
Hindley is a victim of Heathcliff’s anger on
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