Theme Of Sacrifice In The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, John Proctor is a complex character. Proctor’s actions in the play bring up multiple questions and uncertainty because of his sinful past of adultery. One move that comes into question that comes into question is his self-sacrifice at the end. Proctor rips up his confession and gives up his chance of living to save the reputation of the innocent people that are "witches." Many people do not find his act of self-sacrifice believable, but Proctor’s final actions show that he is sincerely a good man despite his past. Proctor regrets his stunt of adultery, and he has a change of heart with his wife. These are both signs of goodness in Proctor’s heart. Proctor’s first sign of goodness is his regret of his act of adultery with Abigail Williams. Proctor first shows remorse when he speaks with Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams tells John, “... I cannot dream but I wake and walk about the house as though I’d find you comin’ through some door” (Act I. 442 - 445). Abigail Williams shows that she still has a love and…show more content…
Her back is turned to him. He turns to her and watches her. A sense of their separation rises” (Act II. 57 - 58). John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor have a sense of separation in their own home, but as the play goes on, Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor become closer. A sign of Proctor’s change of heart is near the end, “... Elizabeth, in a burst of terror runs to him… He has lifted her, and kisses her now with great passion” (Act IV. 750 - 754). Elizabeth Proctor and John Proctor have become closer and more passionate about their relationship. Proctor also admits to his act of adultery in court to end the trials and save his wife. This willingness to confess this action shows the loyalty that he has for his wife. It proves that Proctor will do anything to keep and protect his wife, even if he has to tarnish his
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