Theme Of Scrooge And Greed

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Stave One!
Greed is the main theme of this stave. Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character of this stave and he tends to show a lot of greediness. Scrooge was showing greediness when his nephew invited him to eat Christmas dinner with him and his family. Scrooge reluctantly declined. He only thought of himself during this time of year because his close friend, and partner, John Marley passed away on Christmas Eve seven years before. They had never been social, Scrooge was always in a grumpy mood and didn’t want to talk to nearly anyone. He never bothered to eat with any of his remaining family members and didn’t ever think of the consequences that could occur to him.

Stave Two!
Shame is the main theme of stave two. The ghost of Christmas past appears before Scrooge. He takes him on a very unpleasant journey full of regret, guilt, and
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Fear is the main theme of this stave. Scrooge encounters the phantom, a menacing dark figure. The dark ghost does not answer any of Scrooge’s questions, he just leads him to a series of strange places, The London Stock Exchange where a group of businessmen discuss death of a rich person. A run-down pawn shop in London, the Cratchit household where the family struggles to cope with the death of Tiny Tim. Suddenly, Scrooge finds himself in a churchyard where the ghost points him to a toward a gravestone, Scrooge sees the stone and his name is written on it. This fills hims with fear and fright.

Stave Five!
The main theme of this stave is redemption. Redemption means to be saved from sin, error, or evil. Scrooge had redemption when he laid his eyes on Tiny Tim. He began to have sympathy for Bob Cratchit and changed his attitude toward others. He sees the real meaning of Christmas and thinks about other people instead of himself, for once in his life he was actually joyful. He gave to charities and even raised Bob Cratchit’s salary promising him that Tiny Tim would walk
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