Theme Of Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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In the novel, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve that help him realize he needs to become more introspective. Scrooge is known as a grumpy old man who hates the joyfulness of Christmas. His experiences throughout the book help him realize that in order for him to lead a better life, he needs to become more compassionate towards other people. In order for him to not be despised and an unmourned man, he needs to be forgiven by the people in his life. With the help of the three ghosts, he realizes he needs to change his ways before it is too late. The theme of this novel is compassion and forgiveness. Scrooge becomes a more compassionate person in hopes of receiving forgiveness from the people he has wronged. Mr. Scrooge is known to not be the most compassionate person in town. Most people would even say that they despise Scrooge. Scrooge also dislikes Christmas and tries to discourage any happiness during the holiday season. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge’s nephew comes to his office to wish him a Merry Christmas and invite him to dinner the next night. In the novel, Scrooge says to his nephew, “bah! Humbug” (Dickens 10). With the meaning of humbug being fraud or impostor, he is further showing his hatred for the holiday and implying that people who celebrate it are just hiding from the fact that they are not living happy lives. He always takes the opportunity to remind people of that whenever someone wishes him a
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