Is Jordan Baker Selfish In The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream is what many set their goals in life to be based upon, money, family, peace, and love. Every character in The Great Gatsby is selfish, but the four main characters that present themselves as the most selfish are, Daisy, Tom, Jordan, and Gatsby. In the Great Gatsby, the American Dream is present, but is overshadowed because of all the selfish people only wanting to become a higher class or show that they are of a higher class than everyone else around them. The Character that has the least amount significance to the story, but the most selfish is Jordan Baker. Jordan is described as an attractive, slender woman, small breasted and has a grey sun-strained eyes. Baker grew up in Louisville, other than her aunt most of her…show more content…
Jay Gatsby born James Gatz was born into a poor family from North Dakota. When he was 17 James changed his name from Gatz to Gatsby while working for Dan Cody on Lake Superior. Cody inspired young Gatsby to become wealthy and chase his luxuries, when Cody died Gatsby was determined to find his way of wealth. Gatsby’s way of wealth was bootlegging, which is a corrupt and greedy way of making money. During the 1920s prohibition was active and since alcohol was not legal, Gatsby decided that he should bootleg alcohol. This is greedy because when alcohol was seen as what caused problems such as crime, corruption and reducing the tax burden on the government, but Gatsby selfish means of getting wealth motivated him to sell alcohol illegally. Another way in which Gatsby is seen as selfish is him using Nick to get to Daisy. Gatsby acts as though Nick is a good friend of his just to enhance his chance of refurbishing the love that he once had for Daisy. Last but not least Gatsby’s parties symbolize how artificial wealth is, the people who attend Gatsby parties think that he is leaving this life where he is above of everyone else that around him and he cannot be touched. One also sees that the people attending these parties think Gatsby is living the American Dream. This is not true because one sees that Gatsby greed has gotten him nowhere. Last but not least Gatsby greed gets him in the grave. Although Gatsby and Daisy had a history, he cannot come in five years later and think he can win her back from another man. Fitzgerald puts in this quote "She never loved you, do you hear? She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me. It was a terrible mistake, but in her heart, she never loved anyone except me" (130). This is the quote that gets Gatsby killed because once Daisy admits to Tom that she never loved him, he thinks that means that she still loves him, this why Gatsby takes the
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