Theme Of Selfishness In Dante's Inferno

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The Neutrals in Dante 's inferno, serve as a symbol for selfishness. As these people committed themselves no cause but their own, they are left to their own vices, separated from both heaven and hell. Abandoned at the gate, just as they had abandoned everyone throughout their life. This punishment it a form of uniquely adapted justice, as they are getting in the afterlife what they fought in life. Being selfish is one of the worst sins, as it requires an extreme lack of empathy, and cowardice, as there are angels, who sided with neither heaven or hell in the wars, so they too are left with these so called persona non gratae. The sin these people committed, goes beyond, what must sinners do, as they chose not to choose a path. They lived their lives apathetically, and neutrally, having no courage to commit to a path, they were the cowards who stayed at home rather than fighting in a war. These people and angels serve as a symbol for cowardice, and lack of commitment. They abandoned everyone in their lives, and so now they have abandoned in their afterlife. These sinners have "no hope in death" and their entire suffering is based on the fact that this is their suffering, they will never move on or advance in hell. The way Virgil describes them, in such distaste that they aren 't even worth wasting words over. These people see everyone come into hell, and no one pays them any mind, just as they did in life, they choose to be isolated, and now they suffer the ultimate isolation,
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