Concept Of Sex Trafficking In The Novel 'A Walk Across The Sun'

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The present study focuses on the concept of Sex Trafficking in the novel A Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison. Sex trafficking is the rising crime that establishing its foot in every country. Sex trafficking is a kind of recruitment of girls and women within the country or across the country for prostitution, pornographies or for other sex works. This issue is presented through the fictional characters Ahalya and Sita that how after losing their parents in Tsunami, they start their journey to their school St Marry where sisters take care of them but later, they are abducted by a trafficker, and they reach to the brothels of Mumbai where the dark phase of their lives start. It is a fictional story, but the crime inside the novel is real that stops girls to live their life without any fear.
Keywords: Sex Trafficking, sex work, abduction, prostitution, pornographies.
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These girls are passing among multiple traffickers, moving further and further from their homelands to other regions and countries. When girls are trafficked to national and international borders, they are sold to the different places for high prices that offer sexual services and prostitution like brothels, massage parlors, strip clubs, etc. Corban Addison’s A Walk Across the Sun highlights the issue of sex trafficking. The novel does not expose the dark world of sex trafficking and prostitution not only in India but also in France and America. Jefferies explains the term in her words that “prostitution is a male sexual behavior characterize by three elements variously combined: barter, promiscuity, and emotional indifference. Any man is a prostitution abuser who, for the purpose of his sexual satisfaction, habitually or intermittently reduces another human being into a sexual object by the use of money or other mercenary

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