Theme Of Sexual Morality In Brave New World

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In modern day America, sexual promiscuity does not hold the same negative connotation as it did in the past. A much higher percentage of people are participating in sexual relations at a younger age. Sexual behaviors are an important topic in both Brave New World and 1984. The authors, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell respectively, use the theme of sexual morality with completely different implications. In Brave New World, citizens are encouraged to embrace their sexual impulses and not deny themselves, while in 1984 the denizens are told to suppress any urges for pleasure. The approach to sexual behavior in Brave New World has held true in modern society more than in 1984; however, both themes of sexual morality are still around today. First of all, sexual beliefs in Brave New World are liberating to say the least. Members of the classes are encouraged to partake in as much pleasure as they can. Their hedonistic view distracts them from the lack of freedoms they actually have. The people have a concept of “orgy-porgy” which is where they sing, dance, take soma, and then have intercourse with the person closest to them. It matters not the person, they just want the pleasure. The people think it makes them connected when they “kiss the girls” it “[makes] them one” (find page). Their sexual freedom remains the only freedom they have, to ensure that most human connection is meaningless. The primal nature of their actions “gives release” from their otherwise oppressed lives (find

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