Theme Of Sexuality In The Great Gatsby

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Love is one of the most powerful and mysterious forces in the universe. Discovering one’s sexuality is a vital part of love. In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a tale set in the 1920s. The central theme in the story is love and sexuality is an underlying theme that is vital to some of the characters. Questions arise about what love is, who loves who, and about sexuality in the complex relationships between all of the characters. There are scenes that have a deeper level of meaning, suggesting things that only Fitzgerald knows. At the end of Chapter II, there is a quote that has multiple layers of meaning behind it. The scene is set when Mr. McKee, “a pale feminine man from the flat below”, and our narrator Nick Carraway are heading down in the elevator (Fitzgerald 38). On the surface, each word that Fitzgerald writes could be taken literally. When the elevator boy says, “Keep your hands off the lever,” it could mean that he wanted Mr. McKee to keep his hand off the elevator lever (Fitzgerald 38). On a deeper level, this scene could be suggesting that Nick and Mr. McKee are homosexual. “Keep your hands off the lever,” could mean that Mr. McKee was touching Nick’s crotch area. Lever suggests a phallic object or Nick’s penis. Later in the night, Fitzgerald “I was standing beside his bed and he was sitting up between the sheets, clad in his underwear, with a great portfolio in his hands.” (38). This suggests something sexual is happening. Furthermore, this
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