Theme Of Signs In Julius Caesar

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Themes are the indispensable and often extensive ideas which are explored, by use of various stylistic devices, throughout plays. Julius Caesar, being no exception. From the opening of the play, to it’s closing, Shakespeare makes use of symbolism in order to demonstrate the play’s central thematic ideas of fate and misinterpretations. As a result of the manifestation of omens and portents at various definitive events in the play, Shakespeare leaves the audience to question whether these signs are simply presenting what is bound to occur, or whether they serve as warning signs for what could take place if a specific character fails to change their comportment. Collectively, forces of nature play an immensely crucial role in the play. All the events which lead up to the death of Caesar were predicted by omens from others such as Calpurnia and the soothsayer. However, these ominous warning signs are often overlooked or misunderstood by the characters and therefore have failed at preventing the tragedies which they had previously foreshadowed. Overall, by way of vivid imagery brought about through harsh diction, Shakespeare implies the dangers of failing to correctly and accurately analyze the undeniable details of one’s life. It’s exceptionally clear that one of the main reasons why the character’s fail to justly make sense of these cautioning signs, is because of their overflowing desire for power. One of the first instances of symbolism in the play is when two Roman
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