Theme Of Sonnet 75 By Edmund Spenser

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The Analysis of Sonnet 75
“One Day I Wrote her Name upon the Strand” or Amoretti sonnet 75 by Spenser is a brilliantly written poem in which he tackles the theme of death, love, and immortality. The title of the poem guides us to get an insight into what kind of incident the poet is about to narrate. It helps us to understand the setting of the poem since Spenser mentioned the word “strand”. We can imagine Spenser writes his beloved’s name on the sand. The idea of mortality is an obvious enemy to Spenser’s love which leads us to the theme of death in the poem. Spenser believes that exceptional things such as his poetry, love and beloved shall not die or fade away just as the other typical and ordinary things. The speaker in this poem is Spenser himself as he narrates a personal experience which gives us the impression that we are reading a page of Edmund Spenser’s journal. However, there is a dialogue between him and his beloved. The tone changes throughout the poem since the poet starts with a sad depressed tone, on the contrary, he ends the poem with hopeful, inspiring tone in the last rhyming couplet.

Furthermore, this poem is a Spenserian sonnet. The rhythm of the poem is slow as it is an iambic pentameter which helps the poet to deliver his message clearly. The slow rhythm conveys Spenser’s depression after all of his failure attempts to write his beloved’s name on the sand. The rhyme scheme is abab bcbc cdcd ee. There is alliteration in (waves- washed) which portrays
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