Theme Of Struggle In Pakistani Bride

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The Struggle for Survival in Bapsi Sidhwa‘s The Pakistani Bride
Indhu .E, M.Phil., Research Scholar, P.S.G.R. Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore
Dr. Mrs. R. Sumathi, Associate Professor, Department of English, P.S.G.R. Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore
Pakistani English literature refers to English literature that has been developed and evolved in Pakistan, as well as by members of the Pakistan dispora who write in the English language. English is one of the official languages of Pakistan,the other being urdu and has a history going back to the British colonial rule in South Asia.The national dialect spoken in the country is known as Pakistani English. Dr.AlamgirHashmi introduced the term ‘Pakistani Literature in English’ in his ‘Preface’ to his pioneering book Pakistani Literature The Contemporary English Writers.
Bapsi Sidhwa is Pakistani’s leading disporic writer.She has produced five novels in Englishthat reflect her personal experience of the Indian subcontinent’s Partition, abuse against women, immigration to the US, and membership in the Parsi community. Sidhwa was born on August 11, 1938 in Karachi.She was educated at home until the age of 15. She received BA from Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore. At nineteen, Sidhwa got married. Her novels are The Pakistani Bride, The Crow Eater, Cracking India, An American Bra and Water
The book The Pakistani Bride mainly presents stories of three brides-Zaitoon, Afshan and Carol. At the age of fifteen Afshan is

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