Theme Of Suicide In Antigone

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Antigone Suicide When considering causes of death, suicide is often part of the on-going investigation. What truly is sad about suicide is never knowing why a person does it because it is impossible to ask them. In the Sophocles written play Antigone there are strong arguments from the book itself and from Jan Kott as to why Antigone does hang herself in that cave. Kott’s view or opinion to answer why Antigone commits suicide does not seem to be very accurate. Kott says, “She killed herself because she could could not bear to live even one moment longer once she has been thrown into that dark dungeon. Victims arouse hate. Antigone could not survive hate”(Kott 92). Kotts explanation of Antigone's reason for committing suicide is that the…show more content…
Antigone did exactly what she was trying to do, bury her brother and have honor that she did it; she does not care if people find out. Antigone is not afraid of death; she wants honor from what she did even if death is the consequence. The play states, “Antigone is now exhausted. She has no opponent to provoke; she has no one to mourn for her. Her work done, she can only suffer”(Sophocles 86). This quote from the play is stating that she killed herself because she has nothing else to live for. She's going to die a slow and painful death the way Kreon is enforcing her death. Antigone committed suicide because she did not want to suffer for no reason. She made her death quick and less painful. In the play Antigone Jan Kott and the play itself give reasons as to why Antigone commits suicide. Jan Kott believes Antigone killed herself because she could not live with hate any longer and seems to be inaccurate. The play itself says that Antigone killed herself because she had no reason to live any longer and so that she did not have to go through a long painful death. It is never easy to determine the exact reason one commits suicide; the same is true with
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