Theme Of Suspense In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Short stories often utilize suspense to peak a reader 's interest and keep them reading until the end of the story. One story that utilizes suspense is CP Gillman 's "The Yellow Wallpaper" as a woman 's experience with a rest treatment is described through an intriguing stream of consciousness. To determine how suspense is created in this story it is important to closely analyze the word choice of the story and how it plays a role in the reader 's interpretation of the text (Bennet and Royle 227). By looking at how the narrator describes her mental state, the reader is better able to understand exactly how the narrator is feeling and discern her mental state. In addition, the syntax of the novel leaves certain aspects of the ending up for multiple interpretations creating tension between open and closed readings of the text (Bennet and Royle 232). Together, the syntax and ambiguous ending create suspense that engage the reader until the end of the story. In the last section of "The Yellow Wallpaper" CP Gillman destabilizes the reader by using unique syntax to describe the wallpaper and the narrator 's actions illustrating the narrator 's descent into madness and opening up the ending for multiple interpretations.
2. At the end of the story, CP Gillman uses the changes in the mental state of the narrator to destabilize the reader, leaving them to wonder whether or not the narrator will recover from her illness at the end of the story. First, the narrator starts to believe
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