Theme Of Symbolism In The Swimmer

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In "The Swimmer" of John Cheever's, the main character named Neddy is a well- known and respected man. However, his neighbors complained about Neddy's hangover and these strange things that he does. Neddy's never cared about a negative thing around him because he doesn't feel like to take any social problems that will affect his current life anymore. He just wants to finish his journey. In the beginning, Neddy's first start of his journey he feels young and enthusiastic, and he greeted with joy with friends. However, in the middle of the journey, he starts to endure some turmoil, but he doesn't stop. In fact, the author has built this character to show how human nature in Neddy affect in people in daily life, and also how people survive from frustration when losing important things of life. Moreover, Cheever employs the symbols to describe that story and the main character such as swimming pool, alcohol, and so many. However, the symbolism in the journey that Neddy undertakes and its connection to modern being in the world such as Alcoholism, Loneliness, and Depression. There is a sense in which this excellent allegorical short story presents us with a rather harsh critique of rich and powerful in American society. Alcohol symbolizes Neddy's desire for fun-loving lifestyle and high social…show more content…
Throughout Neddy story, people come up to draw an experience for their life. Never give up when you really want to do, and don't give up the noble dream of life. Tried to drink fewer alcohols and be nice to family, friends who always beside and protect you in every situation. Looking back to all things you had done and continuing the dream with family. Neddy makes a big mistake of his life, and now he's empty. "The Swimmer" give the reader understand the power of family, if you lose family, everything going down, and take it away from
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