Theme Of Symbolism In The Veldt

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In The Veldt, Ray Bradbury uses symbolism, similes, and mood to create a sense of darkness and teach life lessons. The Veldt is about a family that lives in a electronic house that does everything for them. The kids get too addicted to the nursery room and start going crazy the nursery. The nursery is a room that becomes whatever the kids imagine. The parents decided that the kids were getting too addicted to the nursery so they put a restriction on it. The kids trick the parents into the nursery and wish they would go away. The Lions ate the parents then the vultures finished the parents off. Ray Bradbury uses a lot of mood and similes in The Veldt to deepen the sense of emotion. On page three the dad says ”That sun. He could feel it on his neck, still, like a hot paw”. Bradbury uses this as a way to show the dad 's fear of the nursery in the growing darkness of the room. Another simile Ray Bradbury uses in The Veldt is when the children return from the Plastic Carnival. “Wendy and Peter were coming in the front door, cheeks like peppermint candy, I was like bright blue Agate marbles, a smell of ozone on their jumpers from their trip in the helicopter.” He uses this to develop the innocence of the children on the outside, to later show the darkness growing in the children. The Veldt also uses mood to set a feeling of deep darkness. Ray Bradbury uses “And suddenly they realize why those other screams had sounded familiar” as a way to show the darkness that was solely
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