Theme Of Syntax In Life Of Pi

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Anxiety is the most common mental illness in America, with an estimated 18% of the nation’s population suffering from the disorder. Characterized by constant worrying or stress, the illness stems from the dread an individual 's feels when facing the unpredictability of everyday life. Individuals with anxiety often believe they are powerless in their situations, and the fear that results greatly hampers their ability to thrive. Though, this human characteristic is not only present in those diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. As author Yann Martel reveals in his writing, the same attribute is seen when individuals are placed in dire circumstances. In the novel Life of Pi, author Yann Martel utilizes repetitive syntax to display how possessing the perception of control is imperative to maintaining hope and staying rational.
The repetition Martel employs when describing Pi’s goals displays that it is only when Pi has power that he is able to maintain focus and stay hopeful. For instance, when aiming to survive at sea, Pi told himself, “I had to devise a training program for Richard Parker...I had to start fishing very soon...I had to find a means of sheltering myself...I had to devise some sort of canopy...I had to improve the raft...”(168). The reiteration of “I had” places emphasis on Pi’s choices, producing a vague to-do list. By focusing
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Martel’s manipulation of repetition in his novel, Life of Pi, reveals that the greatest threat to an individual 's psyche is feeling a lack of control, for it creates hopelessness and resignation. Engrossment in asserting command gives one the impression of control, helping then work through situations in a logical manner. However, once one loses that sense of power they also loses all sense of hope and comfort. Whether facing imminent danger while stranded at sea or living in constant fear of having another panic attack, the feeling of control provides individuals with a security that keeps them auspicious and allows piece of
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