Theme Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Do you ever find yourself caught up in the virtual world of technology? Well, you 're not alone. The addiction we all experience in our lives with technology and its many uses, is not only growing but is also a focused topic of many everyday events. In the novel “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, Montag’s society is becoming unethical as technology and its power, advances. Technology has impacted the lives of many in society. It has its downfalls and it’s addictiveness takes over minds, causing very close minded citizens. People lose all senses of curiosity and are incapable of paying attention to the little things in life. With the overuse of technology and the downfall of education, relationships, and happiness, people are becoming less open-minded leading to a corrupt society. Technology isn 't always a great addition to our lives because it leads people to a life with a false sense of happiness, no emotional connection to others, and no education. In the society described by Bradbury, happiness is just an illusion. Technology has mislead the citizens living in this society into believing in a false sense of happiness. In the beginning of the novel, Montag meets an unusual girl named Clarisse. Her curiosity and love for life on an intellectual standard, makes her a rebel in the society. As she and Montag get to know each other, she asks him a simple question concerning whether or not he was happy. His response was “‘Happy! Of all the nonsense,’ He stopped
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