Theme Of Tension In Catrin

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Compare how tension is presented in the two poems. Tension is presented within Catrin through the poet; Gillian Clarke, and her child. However, due to the fact that no names are used apart from the title it can be interpreted to any reader with children in order to broaden the range of the audience ( also because there is no specification of gender). The tension is seen in two different ways within the two stanzas. The tension presented in the first stanza is due to childbirth, and the pain and difficulty involved with that. The first line, “ I can remember you, child” , is an automatic attention - drawer, it also causes tension as it shows how fearless the poet is due to the boldness of the statement. The enjambement used within the first stanza allows the tension to build, as it acts like a continuous build- up to something significant (in this case - childbirth). This tension is then continued with the alliteration of “first Fierce confrontation”. The emphasis supplied by the literary device means that this quote will stay in our minds, whilst allowing us to easily flow through the stanza. The use of conflicting words such as “tight red rope” also causes tension, as these kinds of conflict portray the tension that would be felt between these two people. Closer to the end of the first stanza ( after “I write all over the walls… square”) we see the amount of tension decrease, words such as “you” and “I” are replaced with we; “we want, we shouted”, and calm imagery is
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