Theme Of The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

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The narrator in the novel “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” is called Arnold Spirit, most people in Wellpinit called him Junior. He lived with his parents, grandmother and sister in Native American’s reservation. However, he left his hometown and study in white people’s school on Reardan in order to have a better life and reach his dream. Wellpinit and Reardon have different quality of life, future and friendship which impact Arnold’s life on vary ways. The most obvious difference between that two places are quality of life. Most people in Wellpinit are poor. They often lack of basic necessities, such as food and gas money, the only way for Junior got rid of hungry is sleeping and he felt the “existence of God” just because a good piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken. (Sherman Alexie, Why Chicken Means So Much to Me, “Absolutely true…”). They don’t have ability to retain what they cherish, like Oscar, Junior’s dog also one of his best friends, when it got sick his parents cannot pay for the treatment in vet. These made Junior believe they “deserve” to be poor, and he felt “small and weak” (Sherman Alexie, Why Chicken Means So Much to Me, “Absolutely true…”). On the other hand, just white people study in Reardan and their family are wealthy, these students there are “the smartest and most athletic”, also school provide great facilities. In Wellpinit Junior didn’t afraid to be poor, because everyone there are the same. But in Reardan, he tried to be the normal kids
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