Theme Of The Birthmark Essay On Science Vs Nature

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In “The Birthmark “the the author Nathaniel Hawthorne is teaching us the outcomes of Science versus Nature.when people try to interfere with the natural meaning of nature and it’s beauty. Would Science or Nature win? And why would it win? The theme of “The Birthmark” is Science Versus Nature because in the story Aylmer the scientist tries to change georgiana by getting rid of her birthmark which is nature. Aylmer is interfering with the acts of Nature and he attempts to unlatch the hand (birthmark )from georgiana 's heart and get rid her imperfection of nature.When Aylmer had the idea to unlatch the hand or get rid of it he starts to have dreams of the hand latching on to Georgiana 's heart. That means that the little hand isn 't letting go it is part of Georgiana and it isn 't leaving her. The whole moral is not to oppose with nature because nature should be set in stone not to be changed And Aylmer is interfering with using science his first and most important love. Science Versus Nature correctly summarizes the theme of this story because throughout the story it brings up Aylmer’s assistant Aminadab , he represents nature and Almer represents science. Aylmer doesn 't care about nature he call Aminadab…show more content…
“The Birthmark” creates the theme of Science Versus Nature the battle against beauty and imperfections.”The Birthmark” shows moral ethnicity between science and nature, whether we should see people for their beauty and know that everyone has imperfections Or should we go against nature and change ourselves.”The birthmark” shows us the outcome that thing will go wrong when you try to change nature. When Georgiana dies that shows that her birthmark was meant to be there it was a part of her nature, and when you try and take that away science will lose and Georgiana will lose her life All because they opposed with nature And tryed to change something so natural that it wouldn 't part with her because that crimson hand was meant to be on her cheek
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