Theme Of The Lottery And Imagine No Heaven

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As humans we follow certain ideologies passed down through generations, varying in cultures, in the end never knowing a reason of why we pursued them. Whether its imaginative or intangible some rules within beliefs, are put into place based on one particular mindset. As seen in “The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson and ‘imagine no heaven”, by Salman Rushdie, rules may be followed very blindly, without second guess, leading to people being scared to speak out when thinking the contrary. Although the stories overall theme is very similar, the differences being that one plays with the idea of religion, while the other frolics with tradition. Through the reading of both “The Lottery”, and “Imagine no heaven”, one can find many similarities, not necessarily with the plot, but rather the message given. To start, in the short story “The Lottery”, the town’s people are gathered to commence the annual drawing of the lottery. Winning the lottery as many of us think is supposed to be a fantastic thing, which is pretty ironic when the audience finds out the unique way Jackson uses the idea of it. According to the story line the contestants were drawing for the stoning of one individual, because of the closed-minded mentality of what they expect the sacrifice brings. Specifically, when Old Man Warner says, “lottery in June corn be heavy soon” (Jackson), when he stated that he’s making the correlation that killing someone will boost the supply of corn within their town, this accruing at the

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