Theme Of The Poe The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

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“The Raven” talks about a man who lost the love of his life Lenore, as he tries to deal with the loss, a raven comes to visit and puts the poor man into a mental state with “Nevermore”. The characters in “The Raven” are the speaker and the bird, takes place in a chamber of a house at midnight, December. “The Raven” settles on the chamber door, and the speaker asks for its name. Amazingly enough the raven answers back with a single word “Nevermore”. The man asks more and more questions, but the only word that comes from the raven’s beak is “Nevermore”, slowly the speaker asks the raven more painful and personal questions about Lenore, but the raven answers with “Nevermore” leaving the poor speaker to lose his sanity. In “The Raven” Edgar Allan Poe, a gothic sense to explore themes of grief, negativity, depression, and dark romanticism. The poem is about the way we view death of our loved ones thought our lives. At first the speaker didn’t take the raven very seriously, he assumes that the raven will leave him eventually, but he begins to speculate about what if anything, the bird meant by “Nevermore”. The narrator starts to take black bird more seriously. The raven is not a symbol of the angelic lost maiden, but a symbol of death. The black bird makes the speaker remember his lost love, which he hoped to meet in the aster life, and actually he has been hoping that the tapping might be the dead soul of Lenore. When the raven tells him that he will meet her “Nevermore”, he
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