Theme Of The Poem The Watsons Go To Birmingham

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The poem “Making Sarah Cry” and the play “The Watsons go to Birmingham” have the similar theme of being different. In “Making Sarah Cry” Sarah is different from the other kids on the playground. In “The Watsons go to Birmingham” the Watson family have a different skin color so they are separated from whites to do everyday tasks. The texts both share a similar theme but have different qualities. For example, in “Making Sarah Cry” only two people are excluded from playing with kids because of their differences. However, in “The Watsons go to Birmingham” an entire race is excluded from performing everyday tasks with whites because of their differences.

In the Poem, “Making Sarah Cry”, the author shows us that the theme of the poem is being different because in the beginning, the main character and his friends bully Sarah and the main character says, “Sarah was unlike the rest; She was slow and not as smart, And it would seem to all his friends She was born without a heart.” In the middle, the main character deals with a horrible accident leaving a jagged scar on his face he comes back to school to play with his friends but they say,”An awkward smile crossed his face when he heard the words, ‘Hey Freak, Where 'd you get the ugly mask?’ He turned, expecting Sarah, But Sarah could not be seen. It was the scar upon his own face That caused such words so mean.” In the end, Sarah stands up for the boy who has the scar on his face the other people keep bullying them but soon
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