Theme Of The Scarlet Ibis

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The story, “The Scarlet Ibis”is a story about a young boy in the book who only goes by “Brother” and in the book he has a younger brother named William Armstrong but goes by doodle. The main theme in, “The Scarlet Ibis” is about pride shouldn’t become the main focus in life. Brother contributes to the main theme of pride through the whole story in various different ways. Brother first contributes to the main theme of the book from the start when his brother is born. Three months after Doodle is born his family realizes that he isn’t normal. The brother was physically deformed which results in the family’s thought that Doodle was going to die soon. The family builds a coffin which symbolizes the relationship of death with the brother. Brother doesn’t like to be around Doodle because he embarrasses him because of his deformities. This is the first connection to pride in the story. Brother takes his own pride and puts it above Doodle showing that the love connection isn’t that strong. The second…show more content…
The theme ties into this because he once again takes doodle somewhere to teach him something. Even though Doodle was tired and scared, Brother tries to continue with the swimming lesson at the landing. When they are interrupted with the sound of lighting Brother and Doodle head back to the house urgently. This is an act of pride on Brother’s part because he knew that Doodle was unable to keep up the fast pace but he continued to push him. Brother’s pride in the end overpowers his love for Doodle by pushing him past the limit. Doodle ends up dying as a result of Brother pushing him to hard. In conclusion, the main theme in, “The Scarlet Ibis” is that pride should come before your family. Brother has a lot of pride that it overcame his perspective of his family which resulted in the death of Doodle. Brother didn’t realize that they were family and that it doesn’t matter until it was too
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