Theme Of The Story Sea Story

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Love is very similar to the ocean. It can be ugly, painful and scary but it can also be peaceful, beautiful and wonderful. In A. S. Byatt’s short story “Sea Story” the protagonist experience all of these different feelings. In “Sea Story”, the story is written in a chronological order, starting from when Harold is born and his upbringing. The story then sets its focus on Harold’s meeting and time with Laura. Then, the story is set off track when it shifts from Harold’s story, to follow the travel of the bottle he pitched in the ocean. The story concludes with how everything turned out for Harold and Laura, which makes it a closed ending because the reader does not have any room to speculate any further. The narrator is a third person narrator, which can be seen in the very first line of the story: “He was born beside the sea” (p. 1, l. 1). In the beginning, despite the narrator being a third person narrator, we learn very little of anything other than Harold’s thoughts. That lasts up until Harold’s time with Laura: “He thought she would never know how witty he was, how eloquent [...]” (p. 2, l. 54-55). Yet, our limited knowledge is only for a short time because of the bottles journey and the knowledge about Laura’s death. The main theme in “Sea Story” is frustrated and unrequited love. The theme is something many readers can relate to since many have an ideal of the “perfect” woman or man. It often happens that the ideal person is never found, and even if we do find that
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