Theme Of To Kill A Mockingbird

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The Power Of 3 Important Themes Picture yourself in the 1930’s. Now put yourself in the eyes of a colored person. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, we stumble upon a black man, Tom Robinson, who is unlawfully accused of raping a white woman, Mayella Ewell. The struggles Tom faces throughout his life, show how poorly the white people treated the black people in the 1930’s. Black people’s opinions were not influential towards many others of white decent. The themes of this novel that are the most significant are Coming of age, Evils of racism, and dangers of ignorance. The Evils of Racism is displayed as a theme. When Calpurnia takes both Jem and Scout to church, they come across a racist women named Lula. She herself doesn 't…show more content…
Dill, Jem and Scout’s best friend, feels the need to run away from the people he loves. His mom gets married to new a man who isn 't Dill 's father. He begins to feel lonesome.Both his Mom and Stepdad pay no attention to him. “ They don 't get around to doin’ what they say they are gonna do half the time….” He-they just wasn 't interested in me no more’’ (Lee 190). Dill is sad. The mother who supports him throughout his life, finds interest in someone else, other than her son. He sees no point in staying. Because his parents show no affection towards him , he begins to feel heartbroken.. Dill needs to be loved, cared for, and right now, the only people who provide that, is the Finch family. When Jem discovers that Mrs. Dubose dies as a morphine addict, his feelings towards her begin to change. He 's no longer seen as a child, he is seen as a mature young adult. “Jem was 12. He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody. His appetite was appalling, and he told me so many times to stop pestering him. I consulted to Atticus. Reckon he 's got tapeworm? Atticus said no, Jem was growing”(Lee 153). Reading this shows what challenges Jem faces and how he feels when he is told Mrs. Dubose is dead. It promotes a change to his life, and how he acts towards other people. Scout is no longer seen as Jem 's best friend. She is seen as a distraction. As an older brother, it 's Jem 's responsibility to be a great role model for Scout. Being her friend and covering up for her will not help in any way. Scout shows maturity when she finds Boo’s actual personality. At the age of 6 she sees him as a monster, but when she begins to grow, she learns that Boo is not a harmful person.’’ Go on sir he 's asleep. You can pet him, Mr. Arthur, he 's asleep. You couldn 't if was awake though. He wouldn 't let you’’( Lee 263). Even though Jem is sleeping, Scout still allows Boo to touch Jem for the first time. She is older now. Her
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