Theme Of Tone In Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes

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In Ray Bradbury’s, Something Wicked this Way Comes, William Halloway frequently expressed anxious and fearful tones due to his inexperience in dangerous situations. Will’s anxious tone is apparent when he and Jim stopped by the Theatre and he “…swallowed hard…” (Bradbury27) When someone has, “…swallowed hard…” (27) they are usually nervous and guilty, indicating anxiety. Will’s reaction at the Theatre demonstrates an anxious tone because he knew he wasn't supposed to be there and if he was caught peeking into a brothel he would be punished. Also, being found there would ruin his respectable reputation that he valued highly. When Will briefly explained his plan to his father over the phone his anxiety is also evident, like when he said, “‘I got to go.’”(164) He abruptly concludes the conversation, showing urgency like when he quickly says, “‘…got to go.’”(164) Will was anxious because he understood that hiding from the carnival would be difficult due to the freaks superhuman abilities.…show more content…
Another time Will possessed an anxious tone was when he and Jim were nearly discovered by a child while hiding under a sidewalk grille as he thought, “Get!…”(167) and, “Go on!…”(167) The repetition of Will’s internal dialogue expresses how much he wants the boy to leave, bringing his anxiety to the surface as he says “Get!…”(167) then “Go on!…”(167) Will became anxious in that situation because if the boy drew enough attention to the grate, it would begin to look suspicious and eventually a freak would find and report them to Mr.
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