Theme Of True Friendship In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Creative Title “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”-Euripides. In the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, by Mildred Taylor, The importance of true friendship is a theme that emerges. The quote by Euripides represents this theme because being a loyal friend is very important in this novel. Friends are what helped us to become who we are today. One example of this theme is when Stacey gives the coat to TJ. He has to confess to Mama that he “ain’t got the coat... I gave it to T.J”(141). Stacy gave T.J. the coat because he was being made fun of by T.J. The reason T.J. made fun of Stacey was because he wanted the coat. T.J. wants to look cool and rich and that coat is the way to do it. Even with T.J. knowing that Stacey wants to not be made fun of and that Stacey is generous, T.J. uses this against him to get the coat. T.J. uses Stacey and other people 's weakness to get the things he wants.…show more content…
”I b-brung them for y’all.”... ”The bag was full of nuts”... ”Made it myself”... ”Sanded black wooden flute.”(pg 154-155) Jeremy wants to be friends with the Logan’s even though they are black and black and whites don’t mix. It is even more strange because his family is very the Logan’s and everything they stand for and just black people in general. Trying to be friends with the Logan’s is a very bold move because if anyone in his family found out Jeremy would be in big
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