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When I am a future parent I would like my child to read, True Legend by Mike Lupica. The book is an excellent representation of an important life lesson. The life wow lesson,” is don't let fame go to your head”. The main character in True Legend is Drew, a gifted fifteen year old basketball star, who was starting to make choices that didn’t serve him well. These choices were starting to jeopardize his future basketball career. Even though True Legend shows Drew not trying in school, and not caring, it shows to learn how to be humble, value an education, and to learn from other people's mistakes in order to succeed.
Drew is a high school basketball star, who everyone knows and loves. Drew is known as True Robinson, because Drew is known for
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He also loves to play at Morrison because it remind him where he came from, and also why he loves the sport. The reason for this is because Morrison is not in the best condition, but it makes him feel at home. One day when Drew was walking to Morrison, he saw a man, who was unbelievable, from what Drew said he looked like a ghost, a 7 foot tall, skinny, lanky ghost. The man was doing all of these trick shots and all these moves, and Drew couldn't help watching him for the whole time he was playing. After that every time Drew went to Morrison the “ghost” was there, Drew went up to the man, and they stated to talking. His name was Urban Sellers, Urban told Drew his whole story, on how he made it to the NBA at his age and was as good, even better than Drew, and that he made some awful decisions that ruined his carrier. It made Drew realizes that he was starting to go down the path Urban Sellers had gone, and he needed to step up his game.
In conclusion the book True Legend is a great example on how to be a better student, how to become more humble, and how to learn from people's

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