Theme Of Trust In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets By J. K. Rowling

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Trust is a complex concept, as it can be characterized as feeling a strong sense of loyalty and reliability or the action of being able to disclose secrets and personal information to a dependable individual. Trust is a necessity in human nature, as it is fundamental for the foundations of relationships with family and friends among us. Trust is remarkably diverse. In fact, the most ordinary human interactions would be nearly impossible without trust in some degree. The element of trust is also something that can be gained and lost. As it can take years to build trust, it may take only seconds to destroy it. Investing one’s trust into the wrong hands can lead to serious consequences. Innocent actions can be manipulated if you confide in those who seek to betray others. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling incorporates the principles of trust into the character Ginny Weasley and Tom Riddle’s diary throughout the ending scenes of her story. Once he successfully reached the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter arrived to find the young and innocent Ginny Weasley laying hopelessly across the ground of the chamber, on the brink of death (Rowling 307). She was in this position due to the evils of trusting those who are not worthy of that devotion. Though unaware of the ramifications to come at the time, Ginny felt a special…show more content…
She displays the principle dangers that come when opening ourselves up to the wrong people. Rowling shows that if you are not actively conscious about who you trust and what you reveal about yourself to other people, people can take that information and use it against you. Although we may not be put at as much of a risk as to allow the dark lord return and take over the world, it is always better to be safe and make sure the people we open up to are worthy of our

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